Can Spinal Adjustments Be the Answer to My Pain?

Almost 50% of the adult American population goes to a chiropractor for their back pain. What they may not know is that their chiropractor can also help relieve other types of pain as well.

Dr. Neil Patel at City Chiropractic and Wellness understand your battle with pain and can help you overcome it once and for all. That’s because they do more than temporarily ease your symptoms; they get to the source of your pain and treat it from every angle. Sometimes that’s an all-natural approach, sometimes a change in your diet can eradicate the problem, and sometimes chiropractic care and all its various aspects is the answer to the root of your pain.

Chiropractic is more than spinal manipulation

A common misconception about chiropractic care is that it’s only about spinal manipulation. And while that’s a core component of the practice, chiropractic is actually a multidisciplinary approach to health care. At City Chiropractic and Wellness, we focus on all aspects of your health and well-being, including:

If you thought that chiropractors could only help low back pain, you may be surprised to learn that we do much more. Here are a few of the ways chiropractic medicine can address other types of pain.

Chronic headaches

There are different kinds of headaches: some are warning signs of other health issues, but about 95% of them are called primary headaches, meaning they are the health issue. 

You can blame stress for most primary headaches. Tension in the neck and shoulders trigger headaches, as does poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, bad posture, and dehydration. 

Our chiropractic team can offer spinal adjustments to relieve tension in your back, neck, and joints, develop a suitable exercise program, and customize a nutrition plan to prevent future headaches from ruining your health and limiting the quality of your life.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you know that it can be debilitating and even prevent you from working if your job requires repetitive motions of the hands and wrists. The pain occurs when the long nerve that runs through the tunnel of bones in your wrist becomes compressed. 

Traditional treatments rely on either medication to mask the pain or surgery.

We can save you from drugs and invasive procedures by using chiropractic techniques that manipulate your elbow and wrist in a way that releases the compression on your nerve, returns sensation to your extremities, increases your grip strength, and stops your pain.

Osteoarthritis pain

Deterioration of the cartilage in your joints is the hallmark of osteoarthritis — that and the pain. When your cartilage can no longer provide a cushion between the bones in your joints, you get chronic inflammation and the pain to go with it. So what can a chiropractor do about that?

In 2018, a study published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage found that chiropractic manipulation was able to help patients with osteoarthritis by increasing their range of motion, improving bone density, and slowing the deterioration of cartilage. 

We can also help you incorporate natural ways to keep inflammation at bay, which is a primary cause of pain when you have osteoarthritis.

Sprains and strains

As chiropractors, we specialize in the health of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and joints, so if you’ve sprained a ligament or strained a muscle — whether it was a sports injury or you just tumbled off a curb — we can help.

Our expert knowledge in these areas of the human body helps us find the source of your pain and gently adjust your anatomy to realign the structures that were altered in your injury and allow for optimal circulation and faster healing.

These are just a few of the ways we can help you find relief from multiple kinds of pain through chiropractic care and our holistic approach to wellness. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, give us a call or book an appointment online to find out how you can chiropractic care can help you become pain-free. 

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